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The Zendesk Chat app will let you answer your customer’s questions in real time and ease them into a purchase.

Should you need any assistance, feel free to chat with our customer advocates on https:// or email us at [email protected] are you waiting for?

Setting up this feature requires configuration in the Snap Engage Admin Dashboard and can also be used in conjunction with functions inserted into your website code.

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Before going into more detail about setting up the tags, we need to look into the two sub-options within this feature that are used to control what happens when there are no available agents who have a tag matching that of the visitor: Chat Agents.To add a new tag, just type in the word you want to use as a tag and hit enter (eg. Once the agent has been configured with the appropriate tags click on the “Save” button.At this point the chat assignment will behave just as it did before having enabled the feature in step 1.It is essential to understand where the tags come from on the visitor side in order to accurately set up your tag assignment.Like mentioned above, that will depend on your logic but two seem to be the most common scenarios: 1.

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