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On November 2, the Chicago Cubs made sports history by winning the World Series baseball championship in Cleveland for the first time in 108 years.The victory was partly attributed to their use of big data: a set of people on their computers going over skeletal reconstructions of the players’ past movements to tag their strengths and weaknesses.Some of them happened to be young Muslim women from a low-income locality in Kolkata.In 2012, data services company i Merit set up a base in Metiabruz to train young women from the local Muslim community in serving its global clients in technology, financial information and internet retail.“At first there used to be all kinds of rumours in my village—some used to say all I do is play songs, some said I sing on the programme myself,” said Tabassum, as she prepared herself to host the day’s show on pre-menstrual discharge.Slowly, people in her village started to see her all over the place interviewing people alongside her male colleagues.“I was informing him of my decision, not asking for his permission.”Today, Beg is in charge of her life.

“I hadn’t seen a computer before 2012 so I first learnt the basics. I am fulfilling my dream of higher education.”The lives of Muslim women in India have been in news since the central government wrote to state governments and other stakeholders seeking their opinion on the abolition of triple talaq and introduction of a uniform civil code earlier this year.

“My youngest daughter asked me the other day to sign a form so she can take the exams to class 10.

She wants to join the radio station after that.”Often, their families are the biggest hurdle the women face in their decision to strike out on their own.

I said to my father, ‘you have to trust me, I will never do anything wrong.’” Today, Tabassum told us, she is widely recognized in Mewat as the face of the community station.

“People turn to each other in streets when I am walking by to say ‘this is the girl who hosts the programme on the radio.’” She is not the first young woman in Mewat to become a public figure through her work with the station.

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