Logon script not updating

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This test will determine if your facing a pure VBScript problem, or if the error is assigning the script via Active Directory Users and Computers.Perhaps my ideas for err.number are best explained by an example: ' Sub Routine Sub Guy Case() ' Select Case (Not Case Select!)err Logon Script = err.number Select Case err Logon Script Case vb Empty str Error = "No Problem "Case -2147024811 str Error = "Drive already in use "Case -2147023665 str Error = "Check server name " Case -2147023693 str Error = "Check share name " Case -2147024829 str Error = "Another share name problem "' Finish with Case Else in order to catch exceptions Case Else str Error = "Research this number: "End Select WScript. Echo "Errors = " '& err.count err.clearerr.number = vb Empty End Sub Thus utility makes it easy to check the health of a router or firewall.For example you start off calling it str User, then call it str User S. Number Err.number is the first stage in introducing proper error correcting code. End If, Err.number offers real solutions to your problem.The only trouble is that you need experience both of the If .structures and the possible logical outcomes.

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