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that she was groped on the way to a train station despite her friends trying to protect her.

"It was impossible to catch one person in that moving crowd," she said. The police were vastly outnumbered - like 20-25 to 1.

The victim’s mother, who works as a maidservant, approached an NGO after her daughter narrated the entire ordeal to her last weak.

Shakil ul-Rehman, a social worker from the NGO, said, “The victim is three months pregnant.

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“We have taken action by registering a FIR (First Incident Report). Police is working …though silently (sic)." His post seemed to signal a change attitude as Commissioner Sood initially suggested that journalists were concocting or exaggerating the story.

Mr Markham said it was another workplace ritual designed to punish and humiliate workers who did not meet their sales targets.

In a statement to the ABC, Appco said that in the past, some of the marketing businesses that sub-contracted its services to Appco may have conducted "motivational games" which, while well-intentioned, crossed the line into improper behaviour."Any such activities were conducted without the knowledge, permission or encouragement of Appco Australia," the statement said."These activities have now been banned and represent a breach of contract with Appco."In the class action, due to commence in the Federal Court next month, lawyers will allege Appco used an elaborate and complex model of contracting to defeat basic employment entitlements, while also reaping the benefits and profits of running one of the country's largest marketing enterprises.

Lawyers have already signed up 730 claimants around the country who allege they were paid as little as per hour for up to 80 hours per week.

Many also allege they were subjected to bizarre workplace humiliation rituals.

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