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But it can change if the desire is there on both sides.

It sounds here as if the responsibility for initiating sexual encounters is falling predominately on you, the male spouse.

I've been married for several years and my wife's ability to seduce or romance me sucks!

I hate the fact that the only time we have sex is when, where, and how she wants it.

Also, taking more time during foreplay (outercourse) will help her to feel like her needs are being met. Take a night and make it all about her pleasure to show her how great sex can feel!

We are saddened when "sex experts" say that men are all bad, since they probably never hear from men like you who want to have a great sexual connection with their wives!

We often hear the frustration of not having a female partner who tries to initiate or seduce their guyeven though he really likes this part of sex play.

Many men want their wife to spice up their sexual relationships by role playing with costumes or pretending they are strangers or any other ways to show their wild, impulsive side.

This communication is just a reality check that something isnt working for one of you.

Your sexuality and your sexual needs are a normal part of being a romantic couple.

Being a happily married couple involves talking about your sex life to make sure that both people are having a sexually satisfying life, just as you would talk about your other goals and dreams.

Nothing will change in your relationship unless you are both committed to enhancing your sexual connection.

Normally, we would suggest a night of mutual masturbation, literally showing your spouse what feels good in order to climax, but she has to feel comfortable enough with her body to do thisto have an orgasm in front of you.

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