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In the modern world of e-Learning, instructional designers have to take care of different aspects of course delivery.

At some point in the past, it used to be all about engaging content, now it’s as much about performance and activity tracking, analysis and feedback.

The pioneering SCORM and AICC formats were first introduced some 10 – 20 years ago, and were a revelation to the instructor community.

When Tin Can (aka Experience API, or x API) came on the scene, many experts predicted the inevitable deterioration of SCORM.

Known for its browser security limitations, SCORM prohibits communication between content served from one domain and an LMS served from another domain.

AICC HACP is more flexible in this regard, offering a handy alternative in ambiguous deployment scenarios.

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SCORM defines communication between client side content and an LMS.However, it delivers a solid specification for content packaging and migration between systems.The latest version of the standard is SCORM 2004 (available in four editions, the fourth unveiled in 2009).The maker of Lucozade and Ribena is to cut 50 per cent of the sugar from its drinks in a “game changing” move for an industry accused of driving Britain’s obesity epidemic.Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS), a Japanese-owned company, will announce plans today to reformulate all its drink brands, which also include Orangina and V Energy, so they all contain less than 4.5g of sugar per 100 ml.

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