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There were blood spatters on the wall and also blood on the bed and blood on the floor.

‘[The boy] checked Elizabeth was dead by checking her pulse.

Her face was later covered with a sheet as [the girl] did not like the smell of blood.

she was always smiling, carefree and happy, and sees the best in people." Katie's father, Peter Edwards, who was separated from her mother, left a tribute on Facebook: "Katie the kisses I will give you I know you will feel.[The girl] was able to hear Elizabeth’s struggling and gurgling sounds while the killing took place.‘She went into the bedroom and saw [the boy] with a pillow over Elizabeth’s head.The 13 and 14 year old girls that murdered Angela Wrightson (trial last week) are still not allowed to be identified by the media, even post-sentence.Mind you, I get the impression they were in the care system so there'll be red tape there.

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