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You could hear the collective heave of expectation as she made the first unsteady steps towards the microphone.

She knew the things she wanted the government to do for her and her peers.

She did not ask for mountains, but for something she believed every human being could afford.

Nduku, who was born with the virus, was only put on medication for the first time in 2003, then aged five, when her mother died of Aids-related complications.

Her aunt, Ann Yula Mutuku, says Nduku’s father died three years later, again of similar complications, and that Nduku has been in her care since then.

The family only came to know of her condition when a doctor, who had treated her for various diseases — a never-ending cough and frequent bouts of malaria and pneumonia, for instance — advised a detailed blood sample analysis. Being the guardian, Mutuku was counselled and educated on how to treat and feed her niece.

But when Nduku came of age, the burden shifted from her aunt to herself.

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