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If you're Herman do you really want or need Applewhite as your OC?Once they let him come back he's a future HC candidate standing right behind you every day and offense is Hermans thing.Imagine if UT hires Orlando today then goes on to win a NC in two years. His name carries a ton of weight in Texas and he's more than likely not going to go anywhere for awhile.Meanwhile UH has an average offense and an ever declining defense with declining recruiting rankings. Can't see him going to Aggie (fan base wouldn't that have it), UT, LSU, OU, TCU, OSU are all locked up for awhile and Tech would probably go after Riley, Dykes, etc.With over 20 million registered users, the e Harmony member base is an ethnically, racially, and religiously diverse group of individuals of all ages – all of whom are looking to find someone special.

Could you imagine if UH went to the playoffs or even a NY6 bowl before UT with CMA as HC?Warren observed a set of characteristics that seemed to be present in all successful relationships.After extensive research involving thousands of married couples, Dr.The chance to see the greatest epic horn meltdown in history might be worth any risk there in hiring him and totally worth the risk in losing him afterwards should it happen. Lot to like about him; the main thing I see recruiting.So now that I've laid out the glass half full version here is the glass half empty. If we want someone that can go at Herman, Sumlin, and the rest of the Vultures, Major was the guy to get recruits.

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