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I have had one oral experience with a man and would like to expand on that experience. I'm interested in males, females, pre-op trannys, and couples. Is it possible that there a bi guys out there who would be interested, without the sex with me? so the confusion is stil there in chat hope you can help later Manny and Kara I had occassional fleeting fantasies about man2man sexual activity starting in my 20s. My primary attraction is to women but with a strong secondary sexual attraction to men - my sexual attraction list in order of priority is: 1. men 3 other women My non-sexual attraction list in order is: 1. I hope to meet somebody who lives nearby, but I'd love to chat with somebody further away. Martiactually this wasn't first time fingering my ass,but i'll tell it.yesterday hustled to Higbee Beach in Cape May,it was a nude beach until about 8-10 years much man2man action in the dunes 4 the locals.that's what make places like this hot,the still have action,but there's nudity,go 2 the beach and found myself pretty much alone,except for the non-nudes with family or dogs.walked pretty far looking 4 anybody 2 play with,hoping there would b something from the old days.since i was free and clear and the person i saw was not 4 consumption;i waited him out, pulled off my suit,pranced around,jumped in the i was rock hard,by that time i would have sucked a duck off.i was still soaking wet,jerking my cock,playing with nipples licking the precum while i put two figures up my ass.damn,i didn't even c the mother & daughter and dog heading my way,quite a better when i came all over, while they kept there distance.licked some cum,sucked the figures,could used a couple extra cocks.

Anyway, this is a the only real way I feel I can act on my fantasies I guess.

How did you get started in doing this work First it was just about me and what I personally wanted to wear.

I wasn’t always finding what I was looking for and I started experimenting on my own handmade products so that I can always have what I want the way I want it.

I think this like everything else requires patience and tolerance of the people and glitches. I will join the chat soon again, I gave it a rough run this morning and found everyone friendly in there, which is refreshing as apposed to yahoo chat, which is my normal haunt. I find myself thinking about the folks I chat with, & even tho I have only met 1 person personally, I can picture all the rest clearly! Most of us chat outside of BP as well as here on the site and you know you are hopelessly addicted when you try using BP chat icons in other chat programs simply from being in BP so much.

I have a good feeling about this site and hope to make many new friends or more as the time passes...thank you again for the welcome, maybe I'll catch you in chat sometimes Thank You for such a great response......... Here is photo of my balls Charlie, as Blu, Freaky, & Chilly so aptly put it, this site is not about embarrasing people, but rather making them feel comfy! From time-to-time, a bad apple may appear in chat but the Mods R quick to weed them out. Please join us in chat & do not feel like an outsider. We need a program to take the BP icons with us into other programs Bill lol!!

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