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Our Christmas Period Is Well Under Way, And We Have A Great Festive Treat For All Our Members From Panto's To Our Annual Show & Champagne Breakfast!

Have A Merry Christmas & A Wonderful Filled New Yearis an exceptionally different, new independent service for adults with learning difficulties/disabilities.

After reviewing the tape, the police arrested Mark for attempted murder.

That same camera follows John whenever he revisits the scene of the crime.

"He was kneeling on me saying, ' Trust me,' holding the knife to my stomach…. " screamed John."Don't say that," begged Mark.

There was blood coming out." Somehow or other, the boy added, he found himself dragged once again to his feet, then the knife plunged back in. "Don't let that be the last thing you are saying."And so John crumpled, a drained, pallid figure muted forever, he thought, by the tall, light-haired boy he considered "perfect" and "out of my league."Minutes passed, perhaps as many as 20.

The older boy's gullible nature stirred in him conflicting emotions: love foremost, but very likely also a shade of contempt.

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As the boys disappeared into the alley, that camera swung around and followed them.

It was from this injury that the teenager almost died on the operating table—twice, police tell me.

Blood pooled inside the boy's body cavity, and this restricted the movement of his diaphragm, which stopped the functioning of his lungs.

As for himself, John was a virtual Scheherazade, a gifted fabricator.

"Staggering," said the judge who would hear his case.

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