Mark gungor dating and relating

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After years of working with struggling marriages, he discovered that relationship troubles were often rooted in the mistakes that people made during their teen years.In this teaching series, Mark seeks to we equip students with right information will lead to better results, so that we will spend less time trying to clean up the train wrecks that happen later in life.[url=https://Although we cannot approve this set for the family it is approved to receive the Dove “Faith-Based” Seal with a caution for sexual dialog.This page is unavailable due to either geographic restrictions or other restrictions in place at this time.In this collection of a 4 disc set he starts by telling of the relationship differences between male and female brains.He then goes on to discuss the dating scene and gives some sound but frank advice.

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This intuitive guide was designed with youth leaders and parents/guardians in mind.

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Pam Stenzel also has a segment for both boys and girls that discusses the great reasons why sex before marriage is not the way to go.

This hard hitting and informative discussion treats topics such as sexual diseases, teen pregnancies, and the effect that pre-martial sex has on marriages boldly yet tastefully.

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