Married by dating personals

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Humans are a sexual being and always will be despite the church trying to teach us different.In some relationships people go different ways sexualy.

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next time your down charlie brown think about the love that might be inside you !!

My biggest hope was to meet someone and become friends with them first and foremost and take it from there but I dont think its going to happen. a guy willing to have sex with a married woman obviously isn't going to be terribly interested in being BFFs with said woman. You can have sex or a friend but both is almost impossible sorry.

I disagree and I wouldn't see anyone who was single for that reason.

I realise what I have written is a broad statement and there is story behind every post..if you think that developing a FWB scenario is the way to go, then that is incredibley naive...guys (no offence boys) but the kind of guys contacting you wouldnt know what FWB is..just want to get their****wet and move on.........your looking for a lover..spend a couple of hot arvos a week with, then good luck with your search..unless you are fortunate to find someone in exactly the same boat as you, your looking for the elusive unicorn.............then, in time, intimacies are exchanged and a relationships forms and then what ??

.......are better off meeting a bonk and bolt bloke...fulfill your physical requirements and then leave and move onto the next one.

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