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The 1970 Census showed, for the first time since 1920, that Floodwood's population had decreased. Floodwood is 33 miles (53 km) northwest of Cloquet and 40 miles (64 km) south of Hibbing.This began a trend that has endured to the present - the last time a census showed an increase in Floodwood's population was in 1960. The city sits at the junctions of the Floodwood River and the East Savanna River with the Saint Louis River.The creamery became the main support of the local economy, selling local dairy products across the world until it closed in the late 1960s.Dairy cattle are still a major part of the local economy. It is roughly halfway between Duluth and Grand Rapids along U. Highway 2, as well as roughly halfway between Hibbing and Moose Lake along State Highway 73. Floodwood is 46 miles (74 km) northwest of Duluth and 37 miles (60 km) southeast of Grand Rapids.As early as 1679, Europeans were passing by the modern location of Floodwood as they turned from the Saint Louis River to the East Savanna River on their way to the portage.However, it was not until the late 19th century that homesteads began to appear in the area.

I am looking to meet a person to share quality time with. I have an intimidating look but i am a very sweet guy I want someone that wants to share all their thoughts with I am a very kind, caring, understanding, honest and loyal person. Floodwood, like most of its neighbors, survived the fire and began a slow recovery.However, the practical importance of the rivers, and thus Floodwood's greatest economic resource, ended. Looking to find someone to join me People say i have pretty eyes. I like to keep my hands and mind busy I like to joke around I am a compassionate conservative.Originally a logging community, it was a dairy community for most of its history, but could now be best described as a bedroom community, since most of its working population finds employment in nearby Duluth, Grand Rapids, Hibbing and Cloquet. Highway 2 and State Highway 73 (MN 73) are two of the main routes in Floodwood.

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