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When asked about her current romantic life, Martha simply replied, "I'm dating a little here and there," before confirming her ideal age range in a significant other. "I went on a trip to Egypt and I took this guy with me and I thought, he'll be fun. "I had all my nieces and nephews with me and during the trip I found out he was younger than my daughter. " Steward confessed the relationship was more than just a fling and that the guy in questions was a "boyfriend," but she was clueless about his real age at the time. The two co-host "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" together on VH1. And Snoop likes that," she said of the collaboration. "He looked older, he had a little gray in his hair," she continued, "But he was 34 years old or something!

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Stewart, 71, was introduced to both men live on the TODAY show before going out with each of them on separate dates at New York restaurants. Neither man appeared nervous, despite a camera recording their conversation. “It gets you out there and it kind of gets the ball rolling,” he said.

Just over a month ago, the country’s most celebrated domestic diva Martha Stewart announced to good friend and TODAY show anchor Matt Lauer that although she has had a lot of success in life, she’s still looking for a romantic match – and that in the spirit of adventure she’d love to try for the first time in her life! CEO Sam Yagan helped Martha set up her profile, browse for potential suitors, comb through thousands of messages, and select two men to go on dates with.

Both men– Larry, a steel trading executive and Stan, a commercial and film director—were introduced to Martha in person on the TODAY show and follow up dates happened shortly thereafter.

Young at heart." Think you're the man of Martha's dreams? And don't worry if you don't live in New York — location is not a dealbreaker.

Old friends Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will debut their odd-couple cooking show on VH1 next month, but if you want to see a preview of their chemistry, just check out these clips from Wednesday's "Ellen." The duo kicked things off with some practical (and boozy) tips for an evening's entertainment — then they moved on to something even more entertaining.

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