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As the role of multimedia continues to grow in the enterprise, Government, and the Internet, the need for technologies that better enable discovery and search of such content becomes all the more important.

Microsoft Research has been working in the area of speech recognition for over two decades, and speech-recognition technology is integrated in a number of Microsoft products, such as the Microsoft Windows OS, Tell, Exchange 2010, and Office One Note.

Users type in search terms, the result is a set of links, which when clicked on, will start playing the audio or video from where those terms were spoken.

Highly accurate audio search Results – MAVIS uses state of the art Deep Neural Net (DNN) based speech recognition technology developed at Microsoft Research to convert digital audio signals into words.

Closed Captions – Closed captions can make audio and video content accessible to the hearing impaired, or translated so that the content can be used by a broader audience in different languages.

MAVIS generates closed captions in the SAMI and TTML formats.

The user experience is much like searching for text in documents and on the web as demonstrated on the MAVIS trial site.MAVIS is available as a cloud service running on the Windows Azure platform.MAVIS is now available programmatically through Azure Media Services and referred to as the “Azure Media Services Indexer” (Indexer).Furthermore, MAVIS reduces errors in speech recognition by automatically expanding its vocabulary, and storing word alternatives using a technique referred to as Probabilistic Word-Lattice Indexing, explained in the technical background.These techniques help provide highly accurate search results.

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