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No added moisture is required, so there is no need for a dryer (a large and expensive item of equipment in its own right) or its substantial energy requirement.

Besides these three primary nutrients, a number of secondary nutrients and micronutrients can be added, if needed.

The grades available on the market are in fact a compromise : they do not necessarily have the correct nutrient balance for all combinations of crop, soil and climate.

The economics of farming is nowadays so finely balanced that there is a growing demand for small batches of custom-formulated fertilizers, but not at the inevitable high cost of producing them in a wet granulation plant.

Being a dry process, compaction-granulation has many advantages compared to the other methods. The level of pollution caused by this process is very low because there are no liquid or gas effluents to be processed.

Using compaction-granulation, it is possible to manufacture products which are difficult or even impossible to obtain by wet processes.

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