Men lack confidence dating

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“Amazingly, it didn’t matter what these women looked like! The chicks who got the most approaches by men weren’t the prettiest—they were the hardest working.

“A confident woman who sends signals will win out over a pretty, retiring one ever time,” he adds.

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Research shows that confidence makes us seem more trustworthy—and when you’re out on the meat market, selling how great you are, confidence makes people accept your pitch.Unfair standards of masculinity, I told myself, put undue pressure on men to be “men.” As a feminist, I recognized that when men don’t act man enough, their girlfriends, friends, and families can disapprove. And those unrealistic expectations of manhood are only exacerbated by a broken economy. Obscured by my righteous political justification was a far less feminist lining—the kind where he hurts me, and I let him.He chose to deal with his very real identity crisis by wielding his anxious masculinity at every turn in our relationship. Then, he treated me to months of back-and-forth texts, a handful of dates, and a raft of halfhearted excuses.By MWLSE, I don’t mean dudes who are a little bit insecure. I mean men who are so bogged down by their warped vision of themselves that it haunts every aspect of their being.

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