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Hi, If pressed for a label, I would define myself as culturally straight, bi-sensual, bi-sexual, emotionally-bi, kinky, poly male who has dated both men & women with his wife.

After 18 years together, my wife & I no longer live together.

She loves to be center of attention of both men and women.

We have never tried adding in another male but have completely enjoyed adding an additional women to our bedroom.

We are looking for no strings attched fun from time to time. Finding a women who is experienced with being with a women is a huge plus.

(We are separagted as a couple, but live close by and are still in each other 's lives, to a much smaller degree.) She & I now date separately.

Though open to many experiences, I also respect all boundaries & go at the speed of the slowest participant which, more often than not, may be me.

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