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I've gained so much respect for all those guys in the camp, but especially him in particular. We've become so much closer as far as that goes, with respecting each other. I'm always a part of Metallica, and we're always gonna be sharing decisions about different kinds of crazy stuff. I'll always jam with them, but I'll pretty much jam with everybody. Duff Mc Kagan went through a similar thing – after Velvet Revolver he started the punk band Loaded, and he and I spoke about it.

So when things would go screwy and people wouldn't give me the mutual respect because I sacrificed like that I'd get fucking pissy. Learning not to take things personal, that's number one, I think, 'cause if it's all dudes and you're in planes, trains and automobiles, there's no diffuser, no pressure valve, no chick – it's tough.

We probably all do when we're younger, but especially in that kind of outfit and when it's all dudes, and when you're doing the type of tours we did.

When we toured the Black Album I was home for six weeks total in three years, and that was crazy – all the things I had to sacrifice, band had to come first, no matter what.

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Newsted is professional bassist, and is most well-known for being the bassist in Metallica.

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