Metamorphic processes invalidate radiometric dating methods

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Do zircons—crystals of zirconium silicate—contain clocks you can trust?Crystals of zirconium silicate can be found inside many sorts of rocks in the earth’s crust.Because secular scientists like Valley believe the earth is 4.56 billion years old, they believe this little crystal has a lot to say about the earth shortly after it coalesced into molten rock from matter thrown from a solar nebula.Oxygen isotope ratios in the crystal are consistent with formation in an environment that contained liquid water.This is an image of the latest history-making Jack Hills zircon.

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Since zircon grains initially crystallize at high temperatures (1800°C), the team assumed the zircon grains in this sandstone must have come from a rock crystallized from hot magma.

The little crystal Valley’s group analyzed supposedly dates to a time some scientists call the Hadean age.

The name is drawn from Hades, the mythological Greek god of the underworld.

What they believe about the history of these crystals determines the story they believe the crystals are telling.

First, it is assumed that the particles making up the Jack Hills sandstone in which the zircons were found were eroded from pre-existing rocks and transported by water to be deposited in this layer.

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