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Among the standout favorite films was 1965's traffic cop Vic Cianca with the Pittsburgh Police who gained national exposure through the show and later appeared in Budweiser commercials as well as Italian TV and the movie Flashdance.A then-unknown Woody Allen was one of the writers for the show in the early 1960s and performed in some scenarios.His son Peter Funt, who had co-hosted the specials with his father since 1987, became the producer and host.The show involved concealing cameras filming ordinary people being confronted with unusual situations, sometimes involving trick props, such as a desk with drawers that pop open when one is closed or a car with a hidden extra gas tank.Though a rarity, a few celebrities appeared in the last CBS season.

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Aside from occasional specials in the 1980s and 1990s, the show was off air until making a comeback on CBS in 1996, before moving to PAX in 2001.This incarnation of the weekly series ended on May 5, 2004, concurrent with the selling of the PAX network itself.Beginning on August 11, 2014, the show returned in a new series with hour-long episodes on TV Land.When the joke was revealed, victims would be told the show's catchphrase, "Smile, you're on Candid Camera." The show often played its hidden-camera pranks on celebrities as well: one episode had actress Ann Jillian scheduled to make a small donation to a Lithuanian charity.When police officers informed her a con artist was behind the charity, they convinced her to donate a much larger amount with the assurance that he would be arrested when he accepted the check.

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