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Phelps, too, was at Phoenix's Talking Stick Resort Arena for the Cavaliers-Suns game to recognize James' greatness. After Sunday's 120-116 Cavs victory, James (aka No.

"Just recognizing greatness," Le Bron James explained to reporters (via cleveland.com) about why he pointed to Phelps in the front row after a massive fourth-quarter dunk.Personal trainer and nutritionist and weight management expert Jenny Dawes, who has trained athletes, rugby player and celebrities such as Ulrika Johnson, maintains that although Michael's diet would be dangerous for a regular person, the athlete needs that amount of energy for training.'I would recommend that a regular competitive male swimmer would need around 6,000 calories a day but because Michael is at Olympic level he will be training so hard that he will be burning it straight off.'His cholesterol intake is very high but by constantly swimming, there is no time for the cholesterol to stick to his arteries.But his cholesterol levels do need to be checked regularly to ensure he is not putting his body at risk for future cardiovascular disease.'Phelps' high-calorie diet clearly pays off as his international titles and record-breaking performances have earned him the World Swimmer of the Year Award six times and American Swimmer of the Year Award eight times.In the midst of him increasing his gold medal record to an astonishing 21 this week, his intersex ex-girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler ranted on social media about Phelps’ alleged history of sleeping around and how his fame has negatively affected her.“Try having your whole life turned upside down and every private, ugly, embarrassing, personal moment made public,” Chandler wrote on Facebook.

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