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Yes, that's pretty much the case every time a college age white male goes missing in Wisconsin and later is found drowned in the river.The same explanation was attached to the case of Thomas Hecht last year in Milwaukee when the 28-year-old went missing after a pub crawl downtown and was separated from his friends.Having to drive through the downtown area on the weekends to get to my job and home again, I saw MANY, MANY drunk out of the minds young men AND WOMEN!!Why has there never been a young woman found in the river?Someone is getting away with murder and has been for too many years!I continue to pray the killer WILL be found and SOON!I've been warned in the past not to talk about a secret killer of white men in Wisconsin who prey on drunken, college-age males in order to find a way to drown them in the river.I've been warned by police officials, editors and even some colleagues in town who admit although it's a well-known criminal theory that surfaces with each new mysterious drowning, discussing the matter in a public forum just doesn't do anyone much good.

This is just another attempt to deny that this is the work of a cult. I lived in La Crosse, WI when MANY young men ended up in the river!Some were parents of college-age white males who insisted they knew what they were talking about so I had to take their word on that.But I'm still intrigued why black males who drink a lot don't end up in the river and why that particular racial angle seldom gets discussed.Please and do your business the edge of the river where you can fall or or be easily pushed or even accidentally pushed by a passerby!Disclaimer: Please note that Facebook comments are posted through Facebook and cannot be approved, edited or declined by On

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