Money scams on dating sites

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However, even if you install a good antivirus program, there is no better way to stay safe from this threat but to avoid the initial infection phase.

Here’s a complete guide on how to detect and prevent phishing attacks – filled with screenshots and actionable tips.

It can be embarrassing to feel tricked into thinking you’ve formed a relationship online, but if you tell us we can take a report in confidence.

In the end, you are left broke and without any of the promised money.

You will be sent to a fake login access page that resembles the real website.

This way, if you’re not paying attention, you might end up giving your login credentials and other personal information.

There were also cases where not only money was lost in the scam, but people were kidnapped or even worse.

In this blog post we exposed more examples of scams carried on social media networks (tips on how to stay safe from them included).

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