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Ontario Justice Harvey Brownstone said there is no registration in his home province.In fact, as he points out, in Ontario, "common law" is more of a vernacular term.

pantyhosejames Hi, well I am a , bi cross dresser from Toronto / Newmarket area.Quebec’s lack of recognition of common-law couples means that the there is less confusion when it comes to the division of property – what one person owns, they keep."If someone contributes towards someone else’s property, like anyone else, they can make a claim – but it has nothing to do with the fact they lived together as a couple," Teitelbaum said.In Ontario, "There’s no such thing as matrimonial property in these relationships," said Justice Brownstone."We use the law of constructed trust to protect people’s property rights, so if you’ve been living common law and you’ve been contributing to a home that the other party owns – either because you paid for renovations or because you were the one maintaining it – you can make a claim for property." Brownstone added that this is not in any way based on the same kind of principles as being married.

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