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My village was very small but I want to try all sexual things.If there any guy who want to teach me sex things then please just call me and then we can swap hot picture on Whatsapp or other message app and begin our relationship like this.I can do Hindi and English Phone Sex as well as Marathi Phone Sex Chats.

I wonder how I can meet these guy and know they want to have sex with me.I am always studying for my college exams and come from small village you never heard of in Maharashtra.I did not have any friend when I move here to Mumbai but I speak Marathi, Hindi and my English is getting much better.A fisherman from a Mumbai slum posed as a model on Facebook to lure a 17-year-old girl.A 49-year-old trader from Defence Colony masqueraded as a wealthy businessman in his mid 20s to bait a teenage girl.

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