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, the shorties swoonin', and they want to get to spoonin' Never wished i was taller, himanshu ain't no midget Never wished i was a baller, if I want it, then I get it I built a fucking blueprint, like who the fuck you kidding?

I;m ridin' around and I'm gettin' it, if it's mine, i'm spending You lames and you fall, i'm like 2 Chainz when i ball Got Husseins on my feet and Husains on my wall Hussein Chalayans, a pretty girl said that's fancy Unless his name is Hussein, give a fuck who your mans be My shoes got dials, they ain't got laces If you got beef, I show up with many faces Been to many places where we leaving many casings Running 'round, man, but we never catch no cases Give a fuck about what you say, kicking it with like two babes Top off, toupee, hot as fuck, creme brûlée [Verse 32: Mike G] There's no way I can care about much You probably do the most and it's never enough King Midas, I can make gold with a touch Change my location to awesome, you should address me as such Swear this game, you have to know it like the back of your hand Destined to be like Superman for as long as you can Wondering what's the purpose without living a life so grand The worst hand is having the world without a master plan I feel like you gotta pardon Mike for taking over this Earth Despite sleepless nights and long flights And I don't like discussions unless it concerns a price If you make it out of spite, you still make it so it's alright I spit magic, so cold and lavish Bad broads perform sexual acts in traffic So smooth, the saxophone and jazz is It's horrendous what you lack and focus on what you have in the G More than average, I'm nothing to test If it's to me, you step and contest, then bring your best Give it your all, now women beg me to call And unless we overseas, we don't shop in the mall Consider this move so private I've become urban myth My aim is so swift, with this I can't miss Top notch, number one on everybody's list I promise to kill them all til everybody's missed [Verse 33: Yak Ballz] I never sell drugs, I took 'em I don't write rhymes, I cook 'em I'm from the Old New York Where you got your chain snatched And your kicks tooken I put my city up like I'm bench pressing Scorin' high off the [?

Feet up on the sofa Heat up on the holster World's Fair!

Yeah, you know us 11-36-8 be the zip code Corona, Queens nigga That's what I call home Feet on the dash, mind on the ass Racin' the Sun just so I can get dome Pimped the shorties I've been with My friends that had me evicted It's been two years and I'm slippin' Still got no pot to piss in It's everyone goes, they can suck a [?

Two-9, Alkebulan, Alkebulan, Alkebulan, Alkebulan [Verse 40: CEEJ] Get up trick Put your head to your knees like a sit-up, bitch Get too live for the crew, Two-9 We're the new 2 Live Crew, give up, bitch Send 'em all to Hell, kill this shit Spit it like braille, gotta feel this shit Gotta check up, haters still [?

] Yellin' kill 'em all and I'm on ball like I'm Billups, bitch [Verse 41: Jace] Runnin' our heart, sit up bitch Hard to go to sleep, all we know is work Catch no Zs, chilled on purp [?

Y'all got me drunk as hell, uh Now I been red since I was little like Robin Hood They been hatin' on me, cutting my cable cords They gon' hate on her when she come in Michael Kors Meanwhile, your bitch in the 'Lac, grippin' this wood I want you She went to grabbin' for my jewels, I told her Buy yourself a squad, you get a rollie, rollie She know she can't have it, that shit love my woadie She want to buy him a chinchilla She see you serve foreign country boys from the village Always, I gotta stand her No, she don't want nobody to eat but her She but like fuck them digits, stack them digits Cut them then we benefit, cut them then we send them into She ride three deep with molly in the middle Put Micky Thompsons all on my Jeep Ain't got no handprints on my golds, they all on my seat Ten-thousand-dollar toe rings, featured by me Bitches know it's time out They be fucking me so good, I be like 'Time out!

Nah Never mind, just throw that cash in a duffle As I'm on my Hollywood shuffle Eatin' your million dollar truffles, this acquirin' taste Tantalise so you can see the bigger picture that God is the light In the fixture or in the background Cut all the hatin' in the background Cause if music and money is the motive then you're so gimmick Who's to tell me I can't have a trillion dollar grilled cheese sandwich?

The darkest nigga in it sparking up to infinite [Verse 15: Renegade El Rey] Renegade, nigga let's get it straight from the gate I'ma tell you what it is, I'ma tell you what it ain't See you ain't gotta question Or better yet second guess anything that I might say You see not a single syllable is out of place I rock a venue, people barely know my name What I'm tryna tell you is I ain't gotta tell you a fuckin' thing I'ma show so you know Niggas either do or they don't And bein' number two is what I won't be I'm silencin' lambs and sheep, don't sleep Cause my characteristics are that of a cannibal Call this shit Hannibal Lector My timing's impeccable, sharp like a razorblade And you look dissectible I've been on my mind for days Cause homie we've been in the grind for years Southern eagle nigga, fuck 'em all mane, we don't fly in fear I grew up in the city where they figured they can kill dreams when they kill king Niggas stay shot, [? 'Bout my green, I need bread, I'm like "Fuck the rest" When I need bread, I'm like "Fuck the rest" I be up all night tryna chase the check Prolly spent it fast, I need to make it back M. Now you're dead, pussy boy catch up Pool junkie rack up, nigga, act up Trunk with the mac truck bulletproof'ed up Oh, you don't know Bamz?

Double parked on murder lane 187 my address, Boulevard of pain Oh, you don't know Bamz?

] I got it right here, I got it right here [Verse 35: Curtis Williams] Most of these niggas gon' hate Me and my niggas get paid One nigga swing then we all gon' swing We all gon' catch that case Couple blunts to the face, got a nigga straight Rappin' on beats got a young nigga made What can I say?

My closet got Bape I don't do delays, I want it today Noisy pack in my wrap Hennessy in my cup Ginger ale if I chase But I really don't do that much I really don't have no time You ain't tryin' to get no funds Doin' this shit 'til I die I'm rollin' and smokin' on drugs [Verse 36: Reese] Rollin' up, chokin' up on the kush smoke Whip sick, big wheels, Big Willie shit Hot boxer, hot sauna, car full, thick I love the constituents, is down to get their lids peeled Still pimpin', ridin' 'round town gettin' low With my bright skin shawty, call her light show She like Reese I'm tryna light that Show love, she hold me down like an ice pack It's big faces on faces bruh Big faces on faces bruh Dead men in my pockets got me goin' up It's goin' face down if a nigga flex us Yeah, in God we trust, but bands is a must We gotta get that, spend that, get that Re-up, recoup, repeat that [Verse 37: Dave] Say deuce 9 in that ending Been winning since the beginning Did a couple shows, need a couple more That price right but we skippin' But to our niggas, we gettin' it With that work I turn into a chemist Walter White, send a [?

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