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(Obviously this has to be within reason, because if the friendship is affecting our own mental sanity negatively, then we should extricate ourselves.) But we have to be realistic about it.

Tell your friend that you’re worried, even list the reasons, but don’t expect her to then break up with her boyfriend as a result.

Holding a space of loving encouragement, free from criticism of what you think they should do, won’t cause them to isolate while they’re hurting and will in turn provide a door for finding their own awareness and the path to get there.

She deserves so much better, but how do I get her to see that and leave this jerk?

If she’s emotionally mature, she’ll take some time out from relationships to work on healing herself and preparing for her next relationship.

If she’s not, she’ll jump straight into a new relationship, carrying all her emotional baggage with her for the poor new sod to deal with.

Anon asks: Isaac, my best friend and roommate is dating a controlling, manipulative, jealous, immature sociopath. I’ve often thought that life would be so much easier if everyone around us did exactly what we thought they should do whenever we thought they should do it, but sadly, it’s not the way. When we witness our friends participating in unhealthy behaviors, we can offer suggestions, but that’s as far as it goes.

He was one of my good friends, but his behavior with her has gotten out of control and I can’t stand to be around him anymore. A group of us have tried talking to her about it, explained she’s in an unhealthy relationship (it’s her first real boyfriend), but she’s not having it. Our job as a friend is to love our mates through thick and thin, even when they’re behaving in ways that we can’t support.

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