My photostream is not updating

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In the time it has taken me to type this, most of them have now arrived already.Unfortunately, even a reboot of the i Phone did not copy my Camera Roll photos to i Phone's Photo Stream.

If I access my photo stream on my Mac* there.) This is way easier and faster than rebooting or resetting Wi-Fi.

Update: Murphy's law though the actual photos I really care about seem stuck in Photostream purgatory and won't appear on other devices.

Perhaps this is why Steve Jobs was rumored to have offered Dropbox so much money to sell? I had taken 40 or so photos on i Phone 4, i OS 5.1, and when I got back to Wi Fi connection, I waited more than an hour for the photos to appear in Photo Stream either on the i Phone or my i Pad, and they didn't.

*(such as by clicking Photo Stream under Media in the standard File..

Open dialog box in recent versions of Mac OS) *Note: Photo Stream only syncs the last 30 days of your photos.

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