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Coal seam fires were common, but controlled, at T&DB Collieries during the mine's operation, but the fires have been left to burn out of control since the mine was closed in 1953, to the extent that in 1995 flames could be seen above ground.

Federal Reserve chairperson Janet Yellen says more interest rate hikes will be appropriate if the economy meets the central bank’s outlook of gradually rising inflation and tightening labour markets.

Herit- age infrastructure projects that will be completed over the medium term include: the Sarah Baartman Centre of Remembrance in Hankey in the Eastern Cape (to be com- pleted in March 2018/19 at a cost of R137,3 million), the OR Tambo Memorial in Mbizana in the Eastern Cape (to be completed in 2017/18 at R14 million), and the Ingquza Hill Museum in Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape (to be completed in 2018/19 at R41 million). The country’s Constitution guarantees equal status to 11 offcial languages to cater for its diverse people and their cultures.

These are: English, isi Ndebele, isi Xhosa, isi Zulu, Afrikaans, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Siswati, Tshivenda and Xitsonga.

There are more than 160 community art centres are in operation, varying from community-initiated to government- managed centres.

The centres are located in different places such as craft centres, community halls and theatres.

Travolta was ridiculed mercilessly on the internet for his embarrassing flub.

The use of coal in South Africa dates back to the iron age (300–1880 AD), when charcoal was used to melt iron and copper, but large-scale exploitation of coal did not occur until the mid-19th century.

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South Africa has various structures and institutions that support the preservation and development of languages.

Somehow Travolta had never heard her name and couldn’t phonetically sound it out from his teleprompter.

He ended up announcing her as “Adele Dazeem.” It wasn’t even close!

These rocks were deposited in a vast inland lake or sea, when Africa was part of Gondwana.

It was only along the northern and north-eastern shores of this body of water where marshes formed peat, and eventually turned into coal.

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