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Even though the apparent outcome would have been no different (the harasser would have kept after me for a bit), how I felt about the encounter would have been very different.I say that because I’ve gotten men to back down multiple times in the past when there was a latent or even live physical threat (in one case, I could see the guy consider slugging me but he didn’t because I held eye contact).To investigate this, in a recent paper we analyse unique performance data from a real-world activity – speedboat racing in Japan – that is by its very nature competitive, and where the potential payoffs from winning are high (Booth and Yamamura 2016).The novel features of these data are that participants are randomly allocated to either single-sex or mixed-gender groups for the competition, and that the equipment (boat and engine) used by each participant on race-day is also randomly assigned.I was larger by a lot than all the boys up until 6th grade, and even after was bigger than almost all of them well into my teens.Plus I often hung out with boys and generally got on well with them.I’ve asked mathematician Cathy O’Neil to have a look at the study. Regardless of their stage of development, most economies exhibit significant gender gaps in wages and other labour market outcomes.

More specifically, if as this paper presumes (as it does, see its first bold heading) that “women perform worse when competing against men,” how can it be that, as has been regularly reported, women are better investors than men, and in particular, better hedge fund managers?Now I carry a shooting stick all the time, which doubles as a bludgeon, so I have even less reason to be physically intimidated.I suspect most women are afraid to confront men directly because they have internalized that they could be beaten up.Average annual earnings range from 5 million Japanese yen for racers in the bottom grade up to 33 million yen for racers in the top grade.Races are tightly monitored, and severe sanctions on disqualified racers mean they cannot participate, resulting in a fall in annual revenue.

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