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A fight breaks out between Gannicus and Crixus, only ending when Naevia smashes Gannicus in the head, thus knocking him out.

As the mood turns, the rebels demand that the Roman captives be killed - a demand to which Crixus eventually agrees.

As the massacre begins, Saxa quietly tries to sneak Laeta and the other Romans to Spartacus, although they are intercepted.

Spartacus arrives in time to save the group, although Crixus demands that he kill Laeta for her role in hiding the Roman captives - Spartacus nearly obliges, before deciding to house the captives in his own villa.

While Ennius asserts that Laurus is doing his duty, Laeta is disgusted believing that if a slave were treated with kindness then they would not rebel, but because they are treated as caged animals, then it's no wonder they rise up as they do.

He personally frees Laeta, informing her that he plans to leave Crixus and the others behind to find a new life in Sicilia.

After winning the American Elite Model Look contest at the age of seventeen, flaxen-haired Oregonian Kate Nauta began modeling for Versace, L'Oréal, DKNY, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Laeta has long auburn hair and dresses like a proper wealthy Roman woman.

Laeta pleads with Sibyl not to speak of what she has seen, and although she nervously agrees, she later tells Gannicus of what she has seen.

As Laeta begins handing out bread, Gannicus and Saxa arrive and, realizing that Attius had nothing to do with the Roman's escape, rush to confront Naevia.

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