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So I jumped in the car and headed to the Living Waters Spa.The Living Waters Spa is outfitted with both cold and a hot pools filled with mineral water.” (Actually, they never said anything like “balls to the wall,” but I like to pretend that they did.) There was the biker couple consisting of a enormously-breasted woman and her single-testicled husband. There was the swarthy 30-something man with so much body hair that he could have almost been considered fully clothed, a young, attractive couple who mostly kept to themselves, and me.

There is something about the experience that connects me to something very old, very ritualistic.

There we were: women big, small, old, young, and every moment in between, just being human, with it all hanging out, together, in the middle of Koreatown.

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As I was walking out I bumped into “hair-sweater 30-something” and he blushed as he stammered, “uh….excuse…..oh…” before looking up to say quite eloquently, “Martha!

Sorry, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on! So yesterday my friend Haley and I decided to try one of the Korean Day Spas in Koreatown near my apartment.

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