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Generated over three years, the 2011 series encompassed spontaneously composed semi-nude self-portraits in acquaintances and friend’s homes across the world, without their knowledge.

In Your Home was subsequently shown in Kahil’s hometown of Beirut.

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“There’s a complete disconnect, the body is there, but its fascinating to see how easily the female body is seen as a public possession and is judged so easily, both by men and women, from the Middle East and Europe.And that’s the point I wanted to show, that this can happen to anyone at any point, and it happens on a daily basis across the world.” By treating these public responses as artistic material, Kahil achieves a profound shift in the focal point of the material itself–what emerges is a portrait of both deeply ancient aspects of human nature and very modern forms of neurotic or egotistical response.Kahil has reclaimed control through poised and potent methodological address of her virtual assault, creating a perfectly executed rendering of Internet culture in the modern age.On finding herself target of such trolls, Kahil’s own personal experience naturally became an invigorating stimulus to generate new work, building on previous themes of intimacy, the body and what it is to be a woman she explores through her photography.“Anatomy of a Scandal actually started with the series that I exhibited quite a few years ago, In Your Home,” explains Kahil.

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