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Such smart phone features have been exploited in the 24 cases of peeping Toms reported in Malaysia until October this year.Of those, 11 cases occurred in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.Even so, Nasha was more well-knowned for her modelling than her acting career.Nasha rose to fame in 1998 after starring in a popular TV Series, Hanya Dikau alongside Rosyam Nor and Hairie Othman.PEEPING Tom cases may not be new in Malaysia, but the emergence of smart phones, as they become more and more advanced, has provided voyeurs with a leg up to commit their despicable crime.To illustrate, some smart phones have 16-megapixel cameras that can shoot crystal-clear pictures in low light conditions and are equipped with high definition zoom features.

She was introduced to the modelling industry by actress and model Tiara Jacquelina.dan gambar tersebut tidak akan dihebahkan ke Malaysia. NASHA AZIZ hampir 10 tahun selepas kes Zarina Zainudin, belum ada lagi kes artis kantoi berbogel.Disebabkan desakan duit dan terpesona dengan wang yang ditawarkan, Zarina akur untuk beraksi telanjang di depan kamera. Hinggalah pada pertengahan tahun 2002, satu kes skodeng telah berlaku ke atas seorang model dan juga pelakon hot dan cun meletup iaitu Nasha Aziz.In a recent interview, Nasha stated that she is more focused on her modelling than acting career for now.She is involved in a few modelling events such as a Bridal Showcase in Penang at the end of May 2010 and followed by an event in Shanghai, China in June 2010.

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