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Cartman still finds this gay, until a couple pulls up and is scared away upon seeing the ninjas while stereotypical Middle-Eastern music plays in the background. At Skeeter's Bar, the patrons gang up on a police officer, and force him to leave after questioning him on his knowledge of "Farm-To-Table".

They rejoice, and Randy says that they've "Only had a Whole Foods Market for only a month" and that they "already don't need cops".

You could even let it be your special Christmas day party piece!

Before you change into your pyjamas after over-indulging on the chocolates and turkey that is...

When Karen is scared by the Homeless people's threats, Kenny's dad tries to call the police for help, but the police don't want to get involved for fear of being fired for beating up minorities, which turns out to be the only reason any of the policeman joined the force.

The officers suggest turning the Park County Police Force into a Hula School. Barbrady returns to his apartment, and it turns out he only got a job as a policeman to pay to care for his dog.

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Butters join the So Do So Pa Ninjas and are instructed on the "Warrior Code", and they begin training.

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Butters walks up and asks if Cartman wants to spar with him.

Click right to make like Ruth and get it for your own, or if you fancy even more sparkle (who wouldn't?!

) then head to our edit below where we've hunted out the best on the high-street from Coast, White Stuff and another winner from & Other Stories.

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