Navigon updating

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Cheers, Ian I have just gone into the Samsung app site and I am trying to download the update from there, and again it failed.

When I uninstall it, will I be able to download it again from the Samsung app store?

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GPS and Sat Navs that we cover are: Make sure you keep coming back to our website because we will always list the lowest price map and GPS updates so you can get the lowest cost GPS download that is available on the day.

You can download the 1.2 update by logging in to your My Navigon area of their website.

Be sure to backup your existing SD card data first!

Press Setup key for a minimum of 5 seconds ( ) and the configuration of your system will be displayed.3. If your current software version is lower than 5.1.3 you update to the latest version via this web site, Software Version 5.1.3 is only available at your Hyundai dealer.

This is required before any further software updates are possible.

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