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So beautiful they could come to work covered in lettuce and look sexy. Someone in management has discreetly decided that they will only take gorgeous women. They make no secret of wanting hot, skinny girls who wear clothes so tight they double as gastric bands. Perhaps we don't object so much to retail stores or flash bars because they don't make their perky policies so blatant. However, designer lingerie line Agent Provocateur is famous for wanting beautiful women.

Yesterday we heard that Hooters were planning to open six new franchises in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and Christchurch. Yes, Hooters openly encourages people to see women as sex objects. Management liked it, customers liked it and they liked it - they got tipped more. The girls selling us their wares, in their tiny shorts and strappy tops, are invariably beautiful. Is it because they're so upfront about their attitude to women? But I can't help thinking it's also to do with money. They take sexy women and they want them to dress in a specifically sexy way. There's a mysterious glamour and prestige to being an AP girl.

We need to call other guys out, challenge them on the language they use, the porno they watch and what it’s teaching them, the jokes they laugh at.

It’s up to us to question others, because next time it might not be ‘just a joke’ and it might not be my girlfriend, it might be yours.

I hate when guys just look at you for your body.” Now I don’t know any of these interviewees especially well, we didn’t have a script and all the interview subjects did it on literally 5 minutes notice with little time to prepare their thoughts after a training session, but I think these short stories speak really powerfully about just how common and severe a problem harassment is.

16 year old girls should be able to go for a walk or a run without having grown men yell at them out of their cars.

CEOWORLD’s list of the Top Women ranks the famous females who you consider to be top girlfriend or partner material.

Men, bros, bruhs, dudes, we need to look at our behaviour. At treating their bodies like public property that you can grab when you feel like it. 9) Shavaughn Ruakere- Well-known TV presenter and Radio DJ 10) Carly Binding- Pop singer-songwriter, and former member of the girl group True Bliss We are proud to reveal our list.Enjoy these Women and if you think someone i missed don’t forget to give your feedback!!!So tonight, when I was teaching my women’s Muay Thai class, I got chatting to some of the students who turned up and came up with an impromptu interview. I’m not claiming by any means an exhaustive body of journalistic work, it’s just a random group of women from a range of backgrounds, just recounting their experiences authentically.“I feel scared because I’ve had men chase me.” “I feel worthless.

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