Ninomiya kazunari nagasawa masami dating

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In addition to visiting the North Americas, the band have recently completed a successful debut in Asia at Formoz Festival 2007 in Taiwan, performing to a roaring crowd at one of Asia’s most popular outdoor rock events. MARU Come inside TANAKA KOKI, AKANISHI JIN and KAMENASHI KAZUYA-chan!!!!

However, Back-on have continued to actively promote their music around Japan by headlining gigs with other bands, although their first ever performance was actually only held in July 2007.

They have released several mini-albums (EPs) and singles – the former with 6-7 songs in the tracklisting and usually 3 for the latter, although one or two ’signature’ pieces can be found in more than one release.

The CD artwork is purportedly handled by band member TEEDA, not unlike the role undertaken by Joe Hahn of Linkin’ Park.

According to Shukan Josei, Ninomiya Kazunari has admitted he is dating actress Nagasawa Masami.

In his current stage in life, his career is doing well and his private life is blossoming; Ninomiya would rather enjoy his final year in 20s.jenewsdaily i've read about this earlier.

This alleged confession of Nino's came out during a drinking party late last month.

Nino was out drinking with Hide of the comedy duo Penalty when Kojima Yoshio showed up along with several other young entertainers who came in one after another to join them.

“The girl must be in her early 20′s, she’s pretty, and the calm type.

From onlookers POV, they could easily passed as a couple, but there are also those who assumed that they are ‘just friends’; however, they sometimes meet at midnight accompanied by the manager, so they must be in some kind of a relationship.”Furthermore, there are rumors that this girl was the reason Nino broke-up with Sasaki, or that he was still dating Sasaki when he started dating this girl.

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