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Eileen Kennedy-Moore describes three key ingredients of children's friendship formation: (1) openness, (2) similarity, and (3) shared fun.

and others, Kennedy-Moore outlines developmental stages in children's friendship, reflecting an increasing capacity to understand others' perspectives: "I Want It My Way", "What's In It For Me?

They begin to see their friends' points of view, and enjoy playing in groups.

They also experience peer rejection as they move through the middle childhood years.

These friendships are maintained through affection, sharing, and creative playtime.

While sharing is difficult for children at this age, they are more likely to share with someone they consider to be a friend As children mature, they become less individualized and are more aware of others.

Establishing good friendships at a young age helps a child to be better acclimated in society later on in their life.

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According to Berndt, children prize friendships that are high in pro-social behavior, intimacy, and other positive features; they are troubled by friendships that are high in conflict, dominance, rivalry, and other negative features.

And many adults feel that forming new friendships as an adult is difficult for all of these reasons too.

After marriage, both women and men report having fewer friends of the opposite sex (Friendships, 2012).

Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

Friendship has been studied in academic fields such as sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy.

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