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So she’s left wondering.”And if a case does go to trial, it can mean a sexual assault survivor spends years reliving the event. Isn’t it true you’ve fantasized about an office romance with this man for years? Sometimes even a conviction is not enough: Alberta’s court of appeal overturned a sexual assault conviction because it determined, in a split decision, the judge interfered with the defendant’s case by stopping the defence lawyer from questioning the alleged victim about her drug use and allegations she had flirted earlier with the defendant.

And despite a rape shield law designed to prevent this, she’ll likely find her past, her behaviour and her credibility dredged up during cross-examination as a defence lawyer seeks to cast her credibility in question.“Why were you at that bar at 2 in the morning? But despite all this, Fassel argues there’s a significant societal benefit to publicly prosecuting sexual assaults.“There’s great societal value in the reporting of sexual offences and in the prosecution of sexual offences as a means to deter it …“When you combine our desire to increasingly report sexual offences and to bring it above board, to bring it above the underground so the community can see …

We also know the more people talk about it, the better able we are to combat sexual violence.

We would love to hear your personal experience with sexual assault, sexual violence or coercion.

IN DEPTH: 16×9 talks to rape survivors who’ve come forward to tell their stories Diana Jesson was a teenager sleeping over at a friend’s house the first time she was sexually assaulted.

Equally important, Khan said, is fostering communities of survivors, in person and online, so they feel less alone; it includes reducing the societal shame and stigma around people who come forward — to say, That last point Khan finds herself repeating over and over with women coming forward for the first time.

“We are taught over and over again that somehow we bring this on ourselves.”She also argues deterrence has to start on a much more basic level than prosecution.

Her first interview with a trio of officers went well, she said: “They were like, we’re going to get this guy.”But then two successive detectives assigned to her case seemed bent on dissuading her from pursuing charges.“This is really tough,” she recalls one of them saying.

The young woman, who asked not to be named to protect her privacy, found a second detective equally alienating.

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