Nokia n95 stopped updating now dead

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The N96 seems to be no more stable, and still freezes from time to time.Also, in our reviews of smartphones we always like to point out that if you're not familiar with the Symbian operating system, you'll find using a smartphone like the N96 much more of a challenge than using a mobile phone with a "dumb" OS.If you wish to update your phones firmwear in the future you simply need to use the Nokia Updater as usual as your phones product code will not need changing again.I hope that this is useful, if you have any criticisms or suggestions please do leave suggestions and I will adjust the guide accordingly.But unfortunately there is no DVB-H system broadcasting in the UK, so you can't!The good old BBC has made its i Player application compatible with the N96 however, so you can at least stream BBC TV and radio content to your phone, which is arguably more useful than watching broadcast TV anyway.We noted above that the operating system has been upgraded.Well about time too, because we found the N95 to be slow and unreliable.

Follow the step by step instructions and install the new firmwear.Lengthy delays usually mean that the engineers struggled to deliver what the marketing boys promised, and there were plenty of signs of this when the N96 finally appeared in the shops.But first of all, let's take the phone out of its box and just admire it, because it's a lovely piece of kit.It's big of course - slightly bigger even than the N95, and a touch heavier too - but it's not the heaviest phone ever.But putting that to one side, it's still a really nice phone to look at.

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