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In some cases you can reclaim as much as 50% of the costs.

Pass Plus courses with me cost £120 and Bristol City Council give you £75 cash back on completion.

It's a 3 hour lecture/insight into safer driving by the police, trying to raise driver awareness of what has happened.

If you were doing 50mph in a 30mph zone, outside of a school at 3pm, I would imagine your licence being taken away instantly. I've read cars going above 90mph on the motorway have their licence taken away and have a one year ban.

After the year has passed, you'll be required to retake the theory and practical exam, which is more difficult that the usual 'L' test. If you don't lose your licence, you'll get between 3-6 points on your licence plus a fine.

As the training is provided by self employed driving instructors, the price of the course will vary, but it is usually about £150.

Check to see if your local council offers a "cash back" scheme.

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