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The Dragon's Back Chamber can currently be accessed in two ways, both involving steep climbs along narrow fractures and tight passages: Route 1, along an east-northeast trending passage that follows a fracture for a horizontal distance of ∼50 m past a narrow access point called the "Postbox;" and Route 2, along a more complicated set of broadly east-trending passages, via a network of southeast, east, and north trending fractures for ∼120 m, and through a narrow access point called "Superman's Crawl." Route 1 is the most direct and contains abundant sediment accumulations once the deeper part of the cave is accessed (i.e., ∼20 m into the cave).

In 1960, the archaeological remains of a Norse village were discovered in Newfoundland by two Norwegians: the explorer Helge Ingstad and the archaeologist Anne Stine Ingstad, who were husband and wife.

In 1960, George Decker, a citizen of the small fishing hamlet of L'Anse aux Meadows, led Helge Ingstad to a group of mounds near the village that the locals called the "old Indian camp".

They determined that the site was of Norse origin because of definitive similarities between the characteristics of structures and artifacts found at the site compared to sites in Greenland and Iceland from around 1000 CE.

Based on the idea that the Old Norse name "Vinland", mentioned in the Icelandic Sagas, meant "wine-land", historians had long speculated that the region contained wild grapes.

Because of this, the common hypothesis before the Ingstads' theories was that the Vinland region existed somewhere south of the northern Massachusetts coast, because that is roughly as far north as grapes grow naturally.

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