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"Malia Obama on the road -- kinda frightening."Barbara and Jenna Bush George W.

Bush's daughters Barbara and Jenna never lived full-time in the White House, as they both graduated from high school in 2000, the year their father won the presidency.

During Barbara's freshman year at Yale, she had a fake I. And just a few weeks later, Jenna was caught trying to buy alcohol using a fake I. Ultimately, though, Barbara and Jenna were no different from the millions of college students whose adolescent hijinks eventually gave way to happy, stable adult lives.

Barbara would go on to be co-founder and president of a public health-focused non-profit called Global Health Corps, while Jenna, an NBC News special correspondent, is married to Henry Hager.

"I've got men with guns following them around all the time," Mr.

The press largely respected requests for them to back off from Chelsea, but that respect slipped in 1993 when several outlets, including conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live," made cruel jokes about Chelsea Clinton's appearance.The twins even offered some carefree advice to Malia and Sasha as their father prepared to leave the White House: "Four years goes by so fast, so absorb it all, just enjoy it all!" they wrote in a letter to the two Obama daughters.And despite the difficulty of spending some awkward teenage years under close public scrutiny, Chelsea Clinton would emerge a strong, independent voice in her own right after her parents left the White House: She's currently a special correspondent for NBC News and the co-chair of the Clinton Foundation.In 2010, she married investment banker Marc Mezvinsky, whom she met in 1996 when she was living in the White House.

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