One piece dating game

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Point and click on things you want to do while you are there.Point and click on answers to Rock Lees' or Naruto's questions.also if you could, better collision detection and some after hit invincibility would help.:, GDrive, Direct FTP Link, Uptobox, Upfile.

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Activated at will, these unique abilities can increase the player’s attack power, nullify incoming normal attacks, and more. :, GDrive, Direct FTP Link, Uptobox, Upfile.Also it takes a bit to load so just be patient, don't know why the loading screen doesn't appear when it is loading but it's loading ----------------------------FIX-------------------------------------------------------- Just uploaded a complete coding remake of the game, fixed bugs and game plays fine now, sorry for the first version, I uploaded this version but it didnt upload, instead the first buggy one did, hope this makes the game more enjoyable.I also figured out how to fix the target game mouse problem so the mouse no longer is invisable after the game. I understand a lot of bugs were in the game before. Of course there is still the fact that if you press on someone's mouth you end up with Nico Robin?Witness the strongest pirate alliance as Straw Hat Luffy and Trafalgar Law, a member of the Royal Seven Warlords of the Sea, team up to challenge the diabolical Donquixote Doflamingo, who will be joining the battle for the first time …:, 1Fichier, Google Drive, Uptobox, Upfile.

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