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In fact, this latest proclamation on the state of modern love joins a 2010 study that found more couples meet online than at schools, bars or parties.And a 2012 study that found dating site algorithms aren’t effective.(“Everyone knows that all personality profiling is bull****,” a former Match executive told him.“As a marketing hook, it works great.”) In reality, dating sites are most effective as a kind of virtual town square — a place where random people whose paths wouldn’t otherwise cross bump into each other and start talking.Who really had the agency there: the dating app, or the dater?

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After all, 2.1 million people get married in the U. every year, and half of those couples will divorce.— that online dating “works.” This much should be obvious: We don’t actually know.Some of the reasons for that ambiguity are clear in this latest study.For some reason, no one’s content to see online dating that same way.I was curious as to what your real opinion is of online dating.

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