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Lesly started using Ok Cupid four years ago and met his now-girlfriend through the site. I was also tired of meeting the same kind of women – the 9-5 corporate types who strived to be just normal or ordinary. So, I answered hundreds of questions to get more accurate result and it kind of worked. On our first date, we went for a hike in FRIM, so I knew she was outdoorsy at least!

” While sites like Ok Cupid and apps like Tinder give the user full control of their profiles and whom you want to meet, there are also companies like the very successful Lunch Actually and newly launched Lunch Date that cater to single, busy professionals.

I realised that such pleasant dates could be fairly common, if people use the dating website wisely.

In fact, since we both work in business consulting, we could trade horror stories of demanding clients.That’s how I found myself meeting Ashok for brunch a few days later.Ashok recently moved to Malaysia where he works long hours on weekdays and takes photographs on weekends.He told me about his adventures in finding an apartment in KL, I told him where he could find excellent Chinese food in Brickfields.We argued about who would win in a fight: zombies or vampires.

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