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Covering the niche of those who desire to live near the sea, Coastal Living shares the tips and design strategies of homeowners who carve out their perfect home along the coast.Additionally, the magazine features travel ideas, seafood, and other aspects of the coastal life.National Geographic has long been considered the expert source on adventure photography, especially from exotic places in the world.For articles and quality photos focusing on nature, this is the best magazine.National Geographic Traveler combines the stunning photography of National Geographic with a strong passion for interesting travel locations.This magazine will reignite your love of travel with articles, images, and stories.If you're interested in taking your hiking and camping to the next level, check out Backpacker Magazine.

Advice columns, glossy photos, and tutorials will give you the skills you need to improve the size and amount of bass you catch on your next trip.

If you're going to live the life of Palm Beach you'll need the latest on area events, shopping, beauty, food, and of course you will want to read the profiles on the rich and famous who call this area home..

Would you like to explore Africa from the comfort of your own living room?

Of the many great travel destinations in the United States, Palm Springs remains the most popular.

Palm Springs Life is the magazine that delivers info relevant to the luxurious Palm Springs lifestyle. Get everything you need to know, before you go, including food and drink, trips and tours, the best beaches and exciting destinations.

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